Cancun is one of those beaches in Mexico which are famous for its pristine quality. Located in the southeastern Mexico area, the city has a strategic place to have beautiful beaches given the fact that it is directly on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The warm temperature surrounding the city also adds pleasure for those who love to enjoy the beach all year long. The soft white sand and the clean blue water create gorgeous effects that will spoil the tourists. The large hotels that keep appearing offer tons of amenities suited for pleasing the tourists with exclusivity and luxury. As a city which has some of the best beaches in Mexico, this city holds abundant promises for those who seek a getaway.

Cancun Beaches in Mexico

Cancun Review

This city has a wonderful water-sports center for those who seek a challenge. Tourists can explore the water at the beach with the latest technologies and equipment that the water-sports center has. They can also try to explore the depth of the beaches or even caves. For the beaches, tourists can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Great Mesoamerican Reef [read more…]


There is no need to be worried about feeling bored if you go to the 5 best beaches in Hawaii. Hawaii always has a way to offer the tourists that come to their island with best amenities possible. Not only will the culture charm the tourists, but the activities being offered at the beach will also make the tourists feel comfortable. There are hundreds of islands in Hawaii that spread in an area of about 1,500 miles, and there are plenty of beaches that can be chosen to spend a vacation at. Usually there are some resorts near the beaches that promise several amenities and activities to serve the tourists with. To put it simply, they will make sure the tourists have a great time during their vacation time.

Beaches in Hawaii, Kaanapali

5 Best Beaches in Hawaii List

Kaanapali Beach in Maui deserves to be one of the 5 best beaches in Hawaii. This beach has beautiful white sand to allure the tourists with. The location of the beach is really close to resorts, so tourists can expect this beach to be pretty crowded. Sunbathers and swimmers come to this beach every day. The second beach that should be on the list is [read more…]


5 Best Beaches in North Carolina with Gorgeous Scenery

June 17, 2013

These 5 best beaches in North Carolina have amazing scenery that can make you forget about the hectic life you have back in the city. The outer banks of North Carolina are always full with tourists from around the world each year that want to enjoy the beauty of the beach there. The tranquility from [...]

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5 Best Beaches in San Diego for a family Holiday

June 6, 2013

One thing that is famous in San Diego, California is the gorgeousness of the 5 best beaches in San Diego. San Diego has about 70 miles of coastline with pristine sights, adding to that is the warm weather and the fairly mild temperature, the location is perfect for a holiday destination. The perfect time to [...]

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5 Best Caribbean Beaches for a Great Getaway

May 30, 2013

Spending time in the 5 best Caribbean beaches could be a great way for a memorable holiday. The sparkling clean water and the dazzling white sand can be very relaxing after days or even weeks of being stuck in a hectic city. As a region that is located in the Southeast of North America and [...]

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5 Best Beaches on the East Coast for Family Outings

May 20, 2013

It is pretty hard to beat holidays in 5 best beaches on the East Coast, not only are the beaches mostly easy to reach, the water activities there are also promising to have. Some of the activities are probably quite dangerous, but there are more than enough child safe activities that kids can have at [...]

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Boracay, The Caribbean-like Beach

May 18, 2013

Boracay is an island that is located on the northwestern corner of Panay Island and on the south of Manila, Philippines. This island has the most best beaches in Philippines. It is also a Caribbean-like tropical island that is a popular beach vacation destination for tourists all over the world. As well as the other [...]

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Palm/Eagle Beach Recommended for Beach Lovers

May 17, 2013

The Palm/Eagle Beach is a great place located in the Aruba island. The two beaches, the Eagle and Palm beaches are located on the island and each of them have their own charm. There are several other places that you can visit too during your vacation in Aruba island since this is a historical island [...]

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Negril, The Resort Town

May 15, 2013

Though Negril has a small population, the town is never calm even at night. Why is that? Because it is a resort town. The fact is that this town is located along the Jamaica beach, then you can understand why there is always something going on in Negril. The town is always full of tourists [...]

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Tulum and All the Beautiful Beaches Available

May 14, 2013

If you are going on a vacation, why don’t you try visiting Tulum in Mexico to enjoy the beautiful beaches there with your family or whoever it is coming with you on this relaxing and adventurous trip. A great vacation is your chance to relieve all that stress you’ve been accumulating from work so make sure [...]

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