5 Best Beaches in Maine Worth Visit

5 best beaches in Maine represent the city’s picturesque waterways. Maine is located in the New England region, a state that lies in the northeastern of the United States. To the east and south, Maine is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, while New Hampshire is the bordering on the west and Quebeck, a province of Canada, on the north. The geography and topography of Maine give Maine a name for its beautiful scenery. The mountains in Maine are mostly low and rolled, the interior of the city is heavily forested. Meanwhile, the coastlines are mostly jagged and rocky. Not only 5 best beaches in Maine have beautiful scenery, Maine is also well known for its seafood cuisine, especially clams and lobsters.

best beaches in maine

5 Best Beaches in Maine List

For people of Maine, if you ask a recommendation for the best beach in Maine, they might say Popham Beach as the answer.

1. Popham Beach


Popham is located in Maine’s Mid-Coast region, a exotic area. The beach is about 3 miles long and is lying at the mount of the Kannebec River. Popham also provides a unique vibe. And here at Popham, you will not only be served by the scenery, but you can also enjoy the ruin of Fort Popham.

2. Old Orchard Beach

old orchard beach

The next beach is Old Orchard Beach. This beach is usually being used as a party spot, that’s why the beach is noisy. The sand stretches for 7 miles with a centerpiece Pier in the middle.

3. Pine Port

pine port

Heading to north from Old Orchad Beach, you will find Pine Point. This beach is famous for its seasonal seafood restaurants, and the most special menu served in those seasonal seafood restaurants is fried clams.

4. Ogunquit Beach

ogunquit beach

The fourth best beach out of 5 best beaches in Maine is Ogunquit Beach. This is a three mile long beach near the village of Ogunquit with broad, and rather flat stretch of sand. In Ogunquit village, there is a huge river that flows out to the sea.

5. Crescent Beach

crescent beach

The last beach out of 5 best beaches in Maine recommended is Crescent Beach. This beach is around 243 acres wide with the soft sand stretched for about a mile. The sea views are extraordinary. To reach beaches in Maine that you want to visit, you can go to there by car, as Boston is only 100 miles to the north and New York City is 300 miles. If you want to visit these 5 best beaches in Maine by plane, Bangor International Airport as well as Portland International Jetport are the airports of Maine.

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