5 Best Beaches in Massachusetts

In the region of New England, there are 5 best beaches in massachusetts you might like to know. Massachusetts is one of the smallest states in the United States. Although Massachusetts is considered as a small state, there are many things you can do when you have a vacation here. Even the small area of Massachusetts has built small villages and towns that give compact state its true flavor. Charles River is the longest river in the entire Massachusetts, connected to Massachusetts Bay. Boston is located in the inmost point of that mentioned bay. Massachusetts is also bordered with the Atlantic Coast, making the beaches sandy and the shorelines rocky.

best beaches in massachusetts

5 Best Beaches in Massachusetts List

5 best beaches in massachusetts are Aquinnah Beach, Revere Beach, Coast Guard Beach, Good Harbor Beach, and Crane’s Beach.

1. Aquinnah Beach

aquinnah beach

Aquinnah Beach is famous for its beauty, pristine expanse, and modern amenities. Aquinnah lies on Martha’s Vineyard. The sand dunes and bluffs are multicolored, and the beach itself is an ideal spot either to unwind or to relax.

2. Revere Beach

revere beach

Revere Beach is the second beach out of 5 best beaches in massachusetts that is recommended. It is located five miles to north from Boston, and usually very crowded in summer. Other than swimming and sunbathing. In around July, there is also an event held on Reverse Beach, New England Sand Sculpting Invitational.

3. Coast Guard Beach

coast guard beach

Third beach is Coast Guardian Beach, which is included in 5 best beaches in massachusetts. Coast Guard Beach, located in the Eastham, is one of the Cape Cod National Seashore and is one of the best beaches in Massachusetts. On Coast Guardian Beach you can enjoy the scenery and water activities such as swimming, surfing and wildlife enthusiast.

4. Good Harbor Beach

good harbor beach

Good Harbor Beach is the next beach which is considered as 5 best beaches in massachusetts. It is located in Gloucester, thirty miles from Boston to the north. The surf of this beach is calm, and the picturesque and sandy beaches make this beach good for rest and relaxation from everyday life.

5. Crane’s Beach

crane beach

The last is Crane’s Beach. This beach is located in Ipswitch, Massachusetts, and is an area of Andrew T. Crane’s summer home. Crane’s Beach is an important refuge to wildlife including shore birds. There are numerous harbors in Massachusetts, and quaint villages, forest, and the smell of the sea. You can also find many majestic seaside resort hotels, quaint inns, or a B&B. You can access any of 5 best beaches in massachusetts by car or hop on a ferry for an invigorating trip by sea.

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