Menorca, the Jewel Of Balearic Island

Menorca, or Minorca, is a part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean Sea, considered as an island of the Balearic Islands. The name Minorca, which means being smaller, is taken from the nearby island, Majorca. Even though the island is quite small in size, the number of beaches around this island equals with a combined number of beaches of Mallorca and Ibiza, which is 120 beaches. That is why this beach has the name among other beaches in Spain.

Menorca Beach Spain

Menorca Beaches Review

The unspoiled beauty of this island offers you an opportunity to explore and discover the brand new charm of the beaches even more, and experience more adventures. It is possible to have a private beach spot for you and enjoy the beauty of your “own” spot all by yourself, especially in the summer, as Menorca is not as crowded and overrun as Mallorca.

Menorca Spain

The beaches around this city is a famous vacation destination since the early of the 1970s. Today, the beaches around this island is more lively than back then with more energy, and it also provides a lot of water based activities. The most popular water activities around this island is canoeing and kayaking. However, even though there are guides available for the beginners, you should have been at least 15 years old to try these activities.

Menorca Sea Spain

Menorca Beach Hotels Spain

Around this small island which is becoming the favorite holiday destination among tourists, the existence of hotels are developing into something vital. There are a lot of new hotels being built, but if you want recommendation for good lodgings, these hotels will provide you what you want: Posada Orsi, Hostal-Residencia La Isla, Hotel Mirador des Port, CasaPas, Hotel Es Mercadal. The average facilities provided by the mentioned hotels are the best valued decoration, clean, bright rooms, and the unspoilt jewel of Menorca.

Beach Gear

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