Miami Beach Vacation Spots and Reviews

Miami Beach is particularly an impediment island which is actually separated by the main city of Miami, and is connected by a series of bridges. This beach in this island is very popular beach vacation destination because of its climate. This city has a tropical monsoon climate, which makes the summers become hot humid and the winters become warm. It also makes the beach receive significantly less rainfall than other surrounding areas, such as the mainland of Miami.

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Miami Beach Review

As one of the most visited beach in Florida, there are many featured water sports you can also enjoy around the island of Miami Beach. With the suitable prices, you can experience the most popular water sport in South Florida, stand-up paddleboarding, that does not require surfing experiences, for only $46.59. You can choose 1-hour or 2-hour rental option. Doing a cruise and looking around Biscayne Bay to sightsee is interesting enough which only costs $25.99. The cruise is narrated and it runs for about 1.5 hours.

Having fun with dolphins is something you can also experience. However, it is a little expensive with the price from $148.73 and duration of 90 minutes. However, by experiencing this, you can learn how to communicate with the dolphins especially with signals. Also, you can try shaking hands, petting, and feeding a dolphin.

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The hotels are mainly located around the beach area. If you decide on having a good sleep in mid-range hotels, you have no reason to worry. Around the beach there are lots of hotels and resorts with reasonable costs, such as The Bentley Hotel and Beach Club, Casablanca On The Ocean, and Westgate Resort. The price of a room per night on those three hotels in Miami Beach are around $150 to $300.

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