3 Tropical Places Americans Can Visit Without a Passport

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Tropical Places Americans

An escape is imperative to keep your spirit energized for a few more months. Incredible destinations are out there for you to visit; all you need to do is take a few days off to fly to places that imbue your life with the colors of joy. A tropical getaway can be a great option, even when you have many other names on the list. Nothing can be as revitalizing as a vacation in the Caribbean or Maldives, and you badly need this break from the stresses that beset you. But tropical destinations are not easily accessible because getting a visa, tickets, and rooms aren’t easy.

However, you don’t need to postpone your plan for the unavailability of any of these; you can always visit those places sometime later. When you badly need this journey into yourself on the beaches, passport and visa shouldn’t be aspects that concern you. Being in the U.S. brings some exclusive benefits, and one of them is the accessibility of many tropical places without a passport.

1. Northern Mariana Islands

This is located closer to the Philippines, but you can be here without your passport. Northern Marian Islands are set in the Pacific Ocean as America’s travel secret on 14 raised lands, only three of which are inhabited. Those are in the American territory and are easily accessible.

Northern Mariana Islands

Tinian, Saipan, and Rota are the islands that draw more American tourists every year to make this destination more popular. Forests filled with wildlife is a treat to watch. Make sure to take a dive into the waters with the experienced guides to capture the perfect angles of reef sharks and sea turtles.

2. Key West

Incredible tropics aren’t far away from the tropical U.S. You can always visit Key West to know how beautiful your country is. It is the southernmost point in the continental U.S., and it offers breathtaking sceneries and crystal-clear beaches.

Key West

Florida has such truly marvelous spots to be explored that not many people are aware of. Everyone can enjoy the various offerings on this beach. Shopping lovers will find their comfort zone in the long row of stores, while the foodies can go savoring the offerings of the excellent bars and the restaurants. Key West is made a tropical paradise by all these factors and not just the waves emerging from the beautiful horizon.

3. Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the U.S. that holds multiple tourist spots where people can set their spirits free by simply paying for the flight, meaning they don’t need to carry their passport when visiting this tropical destination. The cheap airfare and easy access make this an ideal location for American travelers to visit frequently. San Juan is not far from here; the two sides of the world can be experienced with a walk by the natural waters through the streets filled with culture and aroma.

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