The 2 Most Underrated Caribbean Destinations that are Worth Visiting

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Caribbean Destinations

Tropical vacations are always lovely, but there could be more to that trip that you might be missing. The Caribbean sprawls over a vast area with calm waters and palm trees, but most of us stick to the beaten path to explore regions that are always crowded. The sun shines with all glory in other locations that are worth visiting. Some Caribbean destinations are criminally underrated that people never prefer the most popular places over them. All-inclusive resorts and cruise ships are the signs of luxury, which can be bought with money whenever you want. Your young spirit hops with excitement for every adventure to leap into the tranquil space of solitude in the wilderness and less-crowded beaches. Cool destinations are in abundance in the Caribbean, but you need to add the following underrated islands to your list for your next tropical vacation.

1. Nevis

Lush jungle landscapes define this region with an added daub of luxury on the seascapes. The two less developed islands make Nevis a part of the paradise Caribbean is. Beautiful blue waters and pristine beaches augment the effect created by the tropical rainforests, further enhancing the spectacular visuals of this island. Couples seeking a romantic getaway can make the most of Nevis since the island houses a great range of villa-style properties. Though it was away from the tourists’ radar for quite some time, it is now being explored by more people. Various offerings that are exclusive to Nevis are available all year round. You can also try underwater adventures when you are accompanied by trained divers or guides. The Four Seasons Resort is highly recommended for everyone visiting Nevis. It has an 18-hole golf course and delicious restaurants to make your mornings all fresh.

2. Vieques

Many of you may have heard of Vieques before, but it remains a secret to the people who rarely travel or research. The destination has also been through quite a few downfalls, only to emerge with more successful elements. One of the benefits of choosing Vieques over any other place in the Caribbean territory is the feeling of privacy it imbues in the air. The ethos it promotes with the restaurants and beaches is as if you own the place for a few days with no one else to stare at you.


If you don’t want many activities while visiting such destinations, the Blue Horizon Boutique Resort can be a great option. No golf course or built-up attractions are available on this island; so, you can simply relax by the waves of the beach to be kissed by the rays of the summer. The island holds this famous bioluminescent bay that appears to glow in greenish-blue at night. Though the region has faced a few hurricanes, you are in for some natural, charming treats here at the massive resort.

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