The 3 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

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Visit in the Caribbean

Mountains and seas meet at the base to form the perfect, picturesque landscape to take you on a ride through the waters of unlimited joy. The calm those winds and light shades bring into your life is worth every penny you spend on the vacation on the beaches. Tropical destinations have always had the charm to entrance you, and this would last a lifetime. Earth holds a paradise not just in one location but has spread it across multiple regions to make your heart bound in delight. The Caribbean is a great destination for anyone seeking the magic of sun and sand on their spirit. Accessibility to the beaches and various tourist attractions makes this an ideal tropical destination. You have multiple options to savor the flavors of the seas and the trees, and this overwhelming number of places on your list to visit can get you confused. Let us look at some of the best places to visit in the Caribbean.

1. St. Lucia

The sprawling beaches and the towering peaks are a sight worth cherishing, and the upscale resorts make the trip to St. Lucia more memorable. One of the best ways to start your day here is with a hiking adventure through the Piton Mountains.

St. Lucia

Watching the sunset while on the beach or the peak of the volcanic mountain will give you a good enough reason to enjoy the midday features of nature. Sulphur Springs is another great place to visit for its magnificent volcanic elements. St. Lucia is a couple-friendly destination; the luxury hotels and the incredible views making it the perfect location for a honeymoon.

2. The British Virgin Islands

To find the right adjective describing this place for its beauty is a challenge that blocks your creative juices and vocabulary, leaving you in amazement for the whole day.

British Virgin Islands

The white sand beaches of Anegada Island, the sea pools and the boulders at The Baths National Park, and the mystifying shoreline at the Cane Garden Bay should be on your list while visiting the British Virgin Islands. Take a boat tour or a trip on a yacht to see the scenic islands. Choose the suitable hotel for your needs to crash in at the end of the day’s adventures.

3. U.S. Virgin Islands

Set sailing on those calm and luminous waters in the spring to capture unfading memories of the U.S. Virgin Islands. April is the best time to head out for this trip since the destination is all about the vigor and vibrancy of the Carnival season in St. Thomas. Spend the mornings at any beach along the St. John’s shoreline, and then visit the St. Croix fort for a flight back into history. Once you are done with these places, go for the special Carnival programs. If you are an American, you are at the advantage of not needing a passport to visit these islands.

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