The 3 Best Tropical Islands in the World

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Tropical Islands

Dreaming of an exotic destination for this summer vacation will eventuate into a successful trip only when you plan it accordingly. When you have visualized your vacation to be surrounded by the blue waves and the greenery, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from exploring this beautiful side of the world. Every mind would drift to the sand beaches and palm trees when thinking of the holidays, but it may turn into a futile set of attempts and dreams unless you book the tickets before it is too late. Tranquility can be found amidst those waters and trees.

Tropical islands give you more than one reason to travel. Every problem starts to slide away into nix when you take a night’s rest by the waves. Beach lovers will surely enjoy the vacations at tropical destinations. Many countries hold such locations; so, it might take you quite some time to decide the place to travel this year. Here is a list of the best tropical islands in the world to isolate yourself from the stresses of life.

1. Seychelles

Heaven opens up on land here on the east coast of Africa. If you want to give up everything else and seek an escape into the depths of aquatic life, visit Seychelles to set sail on pristine beaches encompassing the tons of islands.



Although this set of 115 islands has everything you have dreamt of, the trip might cost you a chunk of your current savings. You can also travel on a budget if you plan it the right way. The best time to visit Seychelles is from May to September.

2. The Maldives

This chain of 1,000 islands nestles in the middle of the Indian Ocean. All the coral atolls in this country are just above sea level. Though many people fear the sudden catastrophes here, the government has developed better safety measures with the flood barriers to reduce the impact of the huge tides. When you are here, you must try out snorkeling and diving after the day’s heating sessions on the sandy beaches. Cheap flights can be booked if you search for seats a few months in advance. If you plan a trip to the Maldives, make sure to set it any time between November and May.

3. Ko Lipe

Southern Thailand holds this splendid semi-off-the-map island to create the best memories. The locals take the opportunity to catch seafood from the water that teems with aquatic life.

Although almost every natural feature of this place is amazing, the accommodation is pretty basic, with the electricity being turned off around midnight. Snorkeling is offered by this island, and you can also explore the opportunities to capture pictures of the reef sharks. The bathtub-warm water at the beaches is an attractive element of Ko Lipe. The best weather for traveling in Ko Lipe is between November and March.

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